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This is why it ended

It ended because we grew up.

It ended because we realised that as much as we love and care for each other, love just wasn't quite enough.

It ended because the size of our cups were different. And that's okay.

There was no one to blame. No one to hate. No one to be mad at. It ended because we were simply and complicatedly two very different people, with very different needs.

It was both too much, and not enough.

Too magical, but too unrealistic.

Too exciting, but too intense.

But yet, in spite of all that, it was beautiful. Sweet. And kind.

It was gentle, and loving, and real.

And perhaps now, the best way to keep it that way, is to be apart.

To preserve the love that remains, we need to close the hole before everything drains.

To save it. To preserve it. To make it last.

Because if we keep digging and digging, there'll be nothing left to save.

And in a way, we didn't really end it. We saved it.

And to love each other now means to let each other go.

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