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The Battle Between Better and Enough: Escaping the Trap of Always Wanting More

We live in a world where striving for greatness, aiming high, being better, doing better, and having better is the key to ultimate success and happiness.

But I found that as I strive for more, I often find myself feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled, like there's something missing, and that there's always something more I need to achieve or get.

This applies to my relationships, my career, and ultimately, myself. Am I good enough? Am I happy with my career choice? My relationship? My life?

But sometimes, I think to myself: Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the problem. Maybe I'm just complaining, and that I should be more grateful. Proud. Happy. And maybe, I'm right.

There's this popular idea of "there's always something better out there." I'm a fan of this idea, because it means infinite opportunities and possibilities available to us. But, on the other hand, I also hate, HATE, this idea.

If there's always something better - how can people expect people to ever be content and happy with what they have?

But maybe that's the challenge. It's not to find what's better - because doing so would be an impossible task. There IS always something better. Maybe the real challenge is to be truly grateful and appreciate what we do have. To be content. And to be happy with what's "enough".

No, not "good enough". We don't want that. Never settle for something less than you deserve.

What we want is "enough", defined by merriam-webster as "a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction."

Keywords: satisfies; sufficient; necessary.

People sometimes cheat because one partner isn't enough or they're not satisfied with their relationship.

Some people switch careers too frequently because they're not satisfied with their jobs or there's always something to complain about, regardless of how good everything else is.

Others commit fraud (think evasion, embezzlement or insider trading) because they're not happy with their financial situation and want more, more, more.

So - the solution is simple: Be happy and content with what's enough. But before you get to that, you have to first ask yourself one question:

What does "enough" mean for you?

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