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It’s about the journey, not the destination

Updated: Feb 8

You might have heard of the phrase “It’s about the journey, not the destination” multiple times in your life. You might have thought “cool. makes sense…” But have you ever applied it in your day to day life? Have you ever actually taken a moment to appreciate and enjoy the journey you’re currently in? Or are you like me, who’s been so focus on the destination that I forgot to enjoy and appreciate what it’s really all about.

I recently listened to a podcast titled “How to Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be” by the Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett. In this podcast, he interviewed one of the most well-known psychologists today, none other than Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Dr. Jordan Peterson said something that really opened my mind, and it’s somewhere along the lines of “setting an unattainable goal”. He highlighted that we, as humans, get our joy and pleasure in life through our journeys.

We are built to climb, but once we reach the top, we seek greater and higher mountains to climb, and we never stop. And the climb, the journey, the pains and struggles and failures and succeses, they’re all the things that make life exciting. They’re the things that makes us get up in the morning.

If you have this vision of becoming so rich so you never have to work a day in your life, ask yourself if that’s what you really want. If that’s truly going to bring you joy in life. Because personally, never having to do anything or work towards something sounds quite depressing. And even that, achieving a goal and then stopping once that goal is achieved is also the same.

So if you are getting depressed or worried that whatever you’re working on right now isn’t going anywhere, or isn’t giving you the results you wanted, and you want to give up – don’t. Keep going. Keep learning. Keep figuring out ways to make it work. Every step you make, every mistake, and every lesson, will fuel you with passion and desire to keep moving forward. And trust me, having that passion and desire to to achieve something will give you a greater feeling than actually achieving what you set out to achieve itself.


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